My secretive visit to the Microsoft Datacentre blew me away

by Dave Northey, Azure specialist, Westcoast Ireland

Last week, with my “Westcoast Hat” on, a few colleagues, half a dozen partners and I got to visit the Microsoft Data Center in Dublin.

With my old “Microsoft Hat” on, I would have visited said location on numerous occasions, and am still amazed that on each visit, I get to learn something new – not because I hadn’t absorbed it yet, but because Microsoft had introduced something new: a new piece of innovation, a new way of doing something, or yet another new physical datacentre.

My visit to the Microsoft datacentre blew me away

The Dublin datacentres are just one of the (currently) 50 regions that support Microsoft Azure’s global infrastructure – they (obviously) also support Microsoft’s other commercial and non-commercial cloud products (Office 365, Dynamics, Bing, Xbox, etc).

I would love to just tell you about everything we saw and heard – but I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  So with my lips sealed, let me point you at a couple of very good (short) videos that explain what we got to see in person.  If you’re even mildly interested in what Microsoft are doing in their datacentres (and have a couple of minutes spare), I highly recommend that you watch these:


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