20th March 2020

To all Westcoast customers, suppliers and stakeholders

Firstly, our primary duty of care is to our fantastic employees and as such Westcoast have already implemented several policies that have been communicated – minimising visits to our offices; ensuring that staff are able to work from home as normally as possible; curtailing any visits our people may make to your own offices; and, conducting meetings electronically wherever possible. These are designed to keep not only our staff safe but you too and are all part of our Business Continuity Plan that has been enacted since 16th March 2020.

Keeping everyone safe is clearly critical.

None more so than in our main warehouses across the Group which are business critical to Westcoast’s ability to serve you, our customers and suppliers.  Westcoast has 3 main UK warehouses and one in Ireland (as well as those on the continent) creating an element of resilience for our teams.  However, more stringent health and safety procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our workforces and those delivering and collecting from all our warehouse sites.  Deliveries are still happening as usual although our couriers now have slightly different procedures for obtaining proofs of delivery which do not require physical contact.

Westcoast’s team are a resilient bunch and we are determined to keep goods flowing for you, our suppliers and to you, our customers as seamlessly as we always have done.  Clearly there is strong demand at present as supply has been interrupted over the past few months but this is beginning to come on line once again and goods are arriving at our warehouses.  However, demand is unprecedented at present and many of the goods we are receiving have already been sold or will immediately go into allocation.  Most importantly, Westcoast will be prioritising inventory for any Government and Local Government end-users – particularly the HSE in Ireland and the NHS in UK – ensuring Westcoast plays its part in helping to battle against the spread of the virus in Ireland and the UK.  Your understanding here is much appreciated.

It is important to note that whilst we have such high demand and there is less staff available in our distribution operation centres and in the courier network – we can no longer commit to next day deliveries as a matter of course and will not be able to send out same day deliveries.  I would ask all customers to bear with us as we are still getting the majority of orders out in the usual timeframe.

We are clearly abiding by Government’s latest advice and trying to find a sensible balance supporting you in your requirements, keeping the business motoring at the speed Westcoast is known for, whilst ensuring everyone’s safety.  Some of our staff will remain at our offices where it is safe to do so and those that are working from home have the tools that they need to support you and your business.

Our Board meets daily to ensure we are up to date with the latest policies, pronouncements and procedures; ensuring the safety of our team and the continuing operation of the business.  On behalf of all of us, can I urge patience, understanding and calm and we will ensure you get the very best service available from Westcoast.  Thank you for your business.  Stay safe!

David Dunne

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